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Restoring Human Movement

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I'm Dr. Sebastian Gonzales, the treating doctor at Performance Place®.

In this podcast, you will get to hear broken down information about conditions we treat, which also could be conditions you or one of your friends have.

My goal with this podcast is to form a common language between sports medicine professionals and patients/ athletes.

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Aug 22, 2018


In this podcast, I thought I’d do some casual, conversational stories because as I listened to the past few solo sessions, I realized something… I’ve been staying “um” way too much!

I want to break myself of that, so I’ll just roll with a few fun story style this time. These are stories about clinical practice, a few “A-ha moments,” and some fun days I’ve had at work with some great patients of mine.

In the future, I’m going to do way better at the “ums.” Pet Peeve.

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  • Low Back Pain
  • Hip Pinching -Femoroacetabular Impingement
  • Chronic Hamstring Tightness

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Dr. Sebastian Gonzales is an expert in trouble shooting sports injuries and overuse conditions. This podcast is intended for sports medicine topics to become easier for patients and athletes to understand. Don’t get confused by what your doctor told you in your appointment. If you like in Orange County CA, book an exam with Dr. Gonzales, your Huntington Beach Chiropractor.