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Restoring Human Movement

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Nov 7, 2018



Working in the same facility as Allie Christensen over the last few months, it’s been amazing to see the WAY she works with her young dancers. As a past professional dancer who was forced to stop due to repeated hip injuries, she refocused her efforts to assist young dancers to get to a professional level, without all of the pain that she went through.

Some topics she addresses daily with this athletic  population are unique. If you’ve listened to #104 with Dr. Sloan Beard, you’ll find similarities with the dance and gymnastic worlds. Since I have less “bendy” athletes, with more clothing on as well, I’m learning the unique challenges that these demands place on young women.

Some of these topics we cover are:

  • Body image
  • Poor body supports
  • Excessive activity
  • Flexibility with control
  • Strength

I’ve gotten the chance to observe the simple verbal cues Allie uses. They are very relatable for her young athletes. I’ve found it personally challenging to work with middle school kids, so needless to say I learn the art of being patient from Allie’s ways of teaching.

Contact Allie:


Instagram: @alignfitnessbyallie