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Restoring Human Movement

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Feb 6, 2019



In this episode, Miguel Aragoncillo chats with me about how we can use the environment as a way to “discover movement” like dancing, jumping, squatting and much more. The use of the ground, wind, and visual surroundings are just a few ways were we can challenge our bodies (and brains) to “feel” movements.

The results are a better understanding of how your body moves and how to calibrate accuracy of movements, by knowing what inaccuracy feels like.

Thank you for reaching out to me about this podcast Miguel. I had a great time chatting and thanks for sharing. Let’s keep in touch and keep the conversation going!





Creating a New Attractor Well for Behavior

Non-Linear Behavior for Sports Performance


Miguel Aragoncillo Bio:

I am currently working as a strength coach at Cressey Sports Performance in Massachusetts.

Prior to working at CSP, I was employed with Endeavor Sports Performance in New Jersey, and was working alongside Kevin Neeld and co, working with several types of athletes and individuals – namely private youth hockey organization and a private travel baseball organization, functioning as the strength coach in their Pennsylvania location.

When working with these athletes and clients, priority is taken to ensure quality movement is pursued, along with optimal exercise selection for that specific individual.

Many who read these bios expect a long and prolific athletic career riddled with letters and achievements in their respective sports.

I have had none of them, and I did quite badly at most sports during my adolescence.

However, with this weakness I turned it into a strength, as this allowed me the opportunity to try breakdancing at my own pace, with no rules and no boundaries to limit me.

  • I disliked running, so soccer was fairly uncomfortable for me to complete to say the least.
  • I remained the same height from the age of 15 on, so basketball was already a limited choice from a genetic standpoint.
  • I also didn’t particularly enjoy getting hit in the mouth at age 12 when I was playing baseball, so I gave up that sport fairly quickly.

So, armed with my genetic limitations and lack of coordination, I stubbornly pressed on to breakdance my way to athleticism with time, effort, and determination.

Now, I take great pride in the work that I’ve devoted to helping dancers all along the east coast hosting multiple booths, workshops, and individual assessments, all while aiding individual dancers to prepare for a large spectrum of movements while preparing for performances and competitions.

I hold a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist certification through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and Health Fitness Specialist certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. Further, I’ve received my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science from Temple University, located in Philadelphia, PA.


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