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Restoring Human Movement

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I'm Dr. Sebastian Gonzales, the treating doctor at Performance Place®.

In this podcast, you will get to hear broken down information about conditions we treat, which also could be conditions you or one of your friends have.

My goal with this podcast is to form a common language between sports medicine professionals and patients/ athletes.

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Feb 7, 2018


I’ve had my fair share of injuries, trauma and non-traumatic based. I’ve had what most would call IT Band Pain, Lateral Meniscus tear, Compression Fracture of the lateral tibial plateau. I’ve been frustrated just like you, my knee injuries limited my baseball, lifting and running.

Some treatments I used are:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Synvisc Injection
  • Cortisone Injection
  • Rest
  • Ice
  • H-Wave
  • Active Release
  • Rocktape

And much much more.

I had some ups and downs but what I found the hardest part of the injury to control was the swelling. The swelling was enough to make me feel like I had a ziplock bag in my knee. I thought about it as I walked, squatted and fell asleep. How did I get over these knee woes? Listen to the podcast and you’ll see...


“ Knee injuries, unless from trauma, are not found in isolation.”

“It felt like an ice pick stabbing my knee..”

“I think stiffness around around the knee was helpful to stabilize the knee.”

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Dr. Sebastian Gonzales is an expert in trouble shooting sports injuries and overuse conditions. This podcast is intended for sports medicine topics to become easier for patients and athletes to understand. Don’t get confused by what your doctor told you in your appointment. If you like in Orange County CA, book an exam with Dr. Gonzales, your Huntington Beach Chiropractor.