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Restoring Human Movement

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Mar 7, 2018


Trying to lose weight but that New Year’s Resolution just isn’t happening?

Jennifer Zerling is on the mic today to share some less known facts about losing weight. Weight loss occurs more rapidly if we can jumpstart our metabolism and high intensity training is the tool for the job. HIITs is the acronym. HIITs can be categorized as a near maximum bout of effort in a small time frame (ie 30 seconds). The break can be short or long, so basically it is undefined, unlike TABATA which has a set work/rest period.

Jennifer, aka “JZ,” was able to be part of a study in middle schoolers and found a significant change in body composition when subjected to intermittent high intensity training. We talk all about it! As you’ll be able to tell we have a lot of fun on this call.

JZ’s Bio: Jenn Zerling, MS, CPT, known as JZ,  has been an athlete her whole life and a fitness and age management expert for over 15 years. She holds a Masters degree in Kinesiology, a Corrective Exercise Specialist credential, a Running certification, yoga 200+ hour certification and many other national certifications.

Her Mission: To Help America And The World Break The Chains Of Obesity And Age Well.

How is she going to do this?  One person at a time, one goal at a time.  She holds multiple positions in her field which allow her to meet open minded individuals who are thirsty to evolve. From top world executives, Hollywood producers, athletes, doctors, lawyers, students to you name it.  JZ thrives off of helping any individual who is open and ready to make it happen and learn how to optimize their lives.  Her “be-who-you-are” philosophy is what sets her apart from people in her industry.


Her Book: Breaking the Chains of Obesity: 107 Tools


  • “You may not have 30 mins but TABATA is only 4 mins…”
  • “We are built to move in all planes of motion and we gotta move the body way it was built”
  • “Some people don’t want to get started with weight loss because of the high number (of mins in a workout)”
  • “Everyone comes to the table with a different level of fitness”
  • “Even 65% heart rate efforts will be productive for deconditioned people… it’s a start”

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