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Restoring Human Movement

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In this podcast, you will get to hear broken down information about conditions we treat, which also could be conditions you or one of your friends have.

My goal with this podcast is to form a common language between sports medicine professionals and patients/ athletes.

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Mar 28, 2018


Benjamin Brown was referred to be a speaker on the show and with most possible interviewees I do a phone call to chat first. Ben’s passion for helping people manage their lives through nutrition bled through the conversation so I had to have him on. He will be going over some cases we created to simulate the profiles and goals of some listeners. He also goes into other nutritional advice you may not have heard on the evening news.

Case 1:

Working Mom 40 YOA, who likes to do yoga and run weekly (distance under 10 miles at a time)

Goal: Stay healthy and flexible

- Correlated testing?

- Blood work? Etc

Case 2:

35 Year old male with weekly moderate lifting session. More anaerobic.

Goal is strength as they age. Not hypertrophy.

Case 3:

50 year Year old male looking to get the body of a 25 year old again. Experiences some lack of energy. Overall in good health but has lofty goals.

BLS Nutrition Website

Ben Brown’s Bio:

I’m a health specialist who helps busy women (and men) lose their stubborn body fat for good.

I have over 13 years experience in working with clients just like you to help them put in place realistic and easy to implement nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes so that they can finally feel at home in their body again and get their energy and vitality back.

How Do I Know How to Create Lasting Change?

If you want to hear about my credentials, here they are: I have 2 masters degrees, one in Clinical Nutrition and the other one in Exercise physiology….but that’s not what makes me so successful at getting the results I do for my clients. Don’t get me wrong…those two degrees really help me to understand the science behind the results my clients get…but as you know, it’s a lot more than that. Losing weight and keeping it off involves a lot more than science.

If you have been at this awhile you know it’s not all that easy, especially if you are juggling the responsibilities of raising kids and keeping up with a busy lifestyle (which we all are!).

I grew up in a household of women (2 younger sisters). I have watched them my whole life struggle with their weight and body image, so I bring a good dose of patience and intuition when it comes to women and their unique struggles with weight.

And I have to be honest with you, I have had my own health struggles too. I had severe stomach issues when I was in high school and the doctors put on all kinds of medications that didn’t help at all. Add to that the debilitating fatigue I experienced when I was working on my 2nd Masters Degree, had a brand new baby in the house, all while trying to run my own personal training business.

There were many times when I’d lost my self-confidence and every aspect of my life was suffering and I just kept making excuses for why I couldn’t eat better or exercise more (or at all).

But one day I decided to stop making excuses and start making a change. I learned exactly what I needed to do regain my health, my vitality, my confidence, and my abs and all while still managing my day-to-day responsibilities AND committing to my wife and 3 kids.

Professional Stats at a Glance:

  • Master’s Degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University
  • Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from University of Bridgeport
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Precision Nutrition Certified
  • Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor
  • Poliquin PICP Level 2
  • CHEK Practitioner Level 2
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
  • CHEK Certified Golf Biomechanic
  • Active Isolated Stretch Therapy (AIS)
  • TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Level 2
  • NMT 1 (Neuromuscular Therapy)
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner (Kalish Method)
  • Poliquin Certified BioSignature Practitioner level 2



  • There’s no lack of nutritional information out there… there’s so much it’s confusing
  • We should experience hunger between meals so we don’t freak out
  • Are you suffering from “the sacropenia” again?
  • Elderly often lose the taste for animal protein, resulting in a lose muscles mass and gain body fat as we age.


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Dr. Sebastian Gonzales is an expert in trouble shooting sports injuries and overuse conditions. This podcast is intended for sports medicine topics to become easier for patients and athletes to understand. Don’t get confused by what your doctor told you in your appointment. If you like in Orange County CA, book an exam with Dr. Gonzales, your Huntington Beach Chiropractor.