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Restoring Human Movement

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Jun 20, 2018


I’ve gotten a lot more emails from listeners over the past few months about their “rotator cuff tears,” “carpal tunnel syndromes,” or “tennis elbows,” which I’m thankful for, but the sad thing is based upon what these people say there’s a strong possibility that their ongoing pain is rooting from a neck condition (or some other region).

These people have been seeking care and advanced imaging for the region of their pain for years with little success. It affects what they can do in life (leisure and daily tasks) leaving them frustrated with the healthcare system. Why has nobody figured this out for them?

This is common… when you go into an office directing the clinician’s attention to the rotator cuff, they will tell you if it appears “normal or not,” leaving you with minimal direction of how to resolve the condition. If you have a condition that’s not getting better despite great treatment/ rehab, you should consider the strong possibility that your missing the correct diagnosis.

Here’s a few situations when we need to consider the neck (painful or not) as the root cause of symptoms:

  • Change of sensation of any type into the arm, hand, elbow or shoulder
  • Stabbing pain in to the shoulder blade region
  • Headaches
  • Neck loss of motion
  • Symptoms increase when you look down, up or in other directions
  • Past neck condition (resolved or not)
  • Past neck trauma
  • Pain above and below the elbow
  • And much more


  • Where is your referred arm pain coming from?
  • Nobody chases the arm pain associated with a heart attack
  • No muscle travels the entire distance of the upper limb
  • The neck doesn’t have to hurt to be connected to your unresolved shoulder condition
  • All muscles of the shoulder complex can be affected negatively when neck integrity is compromised

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