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Restoring Human Movement

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I'm Dr. Sebastian Gonzales, the treating doctor at Performance Place®.

In this podcast, you will get to hear broken down information about conditions we treat, which also could be conditions you or one of your friends have.

My goal with this podcast is to form a common language between sports medicine professionals and patients/ athletes.

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Aug 7, 2019

At my office I teach my interns how to play the "ring ring" game. In a nutshell, as chiropractors and physical therapists, we often times we get phone calls from possible new patients asking questions:

How much for a quick adjustment?

Do you take my insurance?

Do you do XYZ soft tissue work?

These patients are really wanting one thing... to feel better. In my interpretation, their questions are based upon what they believe to be barriers to their success, but really the only barriers is themselves.

Listen to this podcast and see what the "ring ring" game is all about and how it can help you succeed in building a new patient base.