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Restoring Human Movement

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Feb 22, 2017


Considering surgery? Don’t jump the gun!

Regenerative Cell Therapy could be what you need instead. Dr. Goswami from has come on the show to tell us more. I met Dr Goswami from a patient we have in common. When I originally consulted the patient (let’s call him Joe), I turned him away. Joe had extreme loss of hip range of motion, possible labral tearing, and overall I felt the time he would spend with me would be a waste of time and money.

Joe found Dr. G all on his own and had Regenerative Cell Therapy.

A year later Joe came back into my office and I examined him. Holy heck, what a change in range of motion. It was like night and day, so I ended up rehabbing him. My estimation today is that he has improved well over 75%. That’s a lot for a possible hip replacement case.

I had to meet Dr. G and get him on the show. Let’s get to the questions you may not remember to ask your doctor at your appointment.