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Restoring Human Movement

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Apr 12, 2017



In this session, I interviewed James. James was a patient of mine and we still talk/ have lunch to catch up. I’ve always found him to be a great person and inspiring, especially for how many health conditions he has.


In this interview, we go into his story, books he has read, people he’s seen, how he is doing now verse over the years and more. Although you may not have issues with Leaky Gut, Irritable Bowel and Acid Reflux, I think you should listen to this one anyways. James is a great storyteller and an overall nice dude.


Book References:

No More Heartburn

Clean Gut

You are what you Eat

Digestive Wellness

Healthy Digestion the Natural Way

Detoxify Your Diet

Natural Stomach Care

Magnesium Miracle

Leaky Gut Syndrome


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