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Restoring Human Movement

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May 17, 2017



Dr. Meghan Helwig is a Doctor of Physical Therapy I met at a seminar a few years ago while in Boston. At the time, I actually had a knee injury I was suffering from so between the sessions I asked her to take a look at it.  


I was blown away by her troubleshooting ability and how she was about to look beyond the places I hurt.


This is what we are going to talk about in this session. Using your past history and past injuries to solve your current hip pain from lifting and/or golfing. Dr. Helwig specializes in both sports and personally takes part in both for her own leisure… all while having a hip labral tear. Awesome!


Here is a rough idea of what we covered in the hour:


  • Most common hip injury in lifting and golf
  • LIFE HACK: How to assess your own hip function
  • How treating scars of ligaments can improve your game
  • The process of doing corrective exercise just after treatment
  • Apologies from me... as I want to make sure no certifying bodies think we are bashing them :)


You can reach Dr. Helwig at . Reach out to her if you are in Northern San Diego CA. Her Instagram handle is @primalstrengthdoc.


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