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Restoring Human Movement

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Jul 5, 2017


I have never actually met Dr Reis in person (as of the time of this podcast) but we did come in contact (over email) through a project I was working on. We spoke over the phone one time and I could tell this is someone who could share some valuable information on my podcast.


Dr. Reis focuses on improving your function through improving structure and neurology, basically whatever tool is needed.


In this podcast session, we focused on some general rehab concepts as well as more specific questioning about It Band Syndrome and concussions. If you have a youth athlete in a contact sport you need to hear this one.


One of the doctors he shadowed Dr. Carrick


Dr. Ries’ reference on Gut and Concussions

My reference on the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport


You can get in touch with Dr Reis here: