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Restoring Human Movement

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Sep 13, 2017


Have you ever wondered if you are eating enough protein? How much should you take to lose weight? How about if you are running a marathon? If you are trying to just stay alive? That’s right… if you don’t eat enough protein you will die. But how much is enough?


Andrea Marincovich, a Registered Dietitian, is my guest on the show this week. She will go over all of the numbers and calculations related to having the right about of protein for your lifestyle.


Some calculations:

Body weight (lbs) / 2.2 x (grams of protein) = daily grams of protein needed

 Correlated Video: 

For grams of protein:

  • 0.8 = bar minimum
  • 1.7 = distance runner or recovery from significant trauma (breaking the skin)
  • 1.1 - 1.2 = recovery from an “overuse image”
  • 1.1 - 1.3 = Resistance training while improving body image


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Andrea contact information: