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Restoring Human Movement

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Sep 20, 2017


Dr. Justin Dean was nice enough to take time out of his busy work schedule from many time zones away to educate us about running injuries, specifically a foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis.


It’s important to note that we both used the term “Plantar Fasciitis” loosely in this interview because the term is so loosely used in the the runner world. The term actually means irritation to the structure called the plantar fascia, but most people use it to describe “foot pain.”


Dr. Dean has been working with high level runners in China for about a year now and has more continuing education than most MDs, PTs, DCs and ATCs. Last year he mentioned he traveled to more than 30 continuing education seminars… most of us do 4 at the most in a year.


Listen to this podcast session and learn about a few actionable things you can test and try if you’re experiencing foot pain from running. Sorry about the Skype lag we had on this one… China IPs were tricky.


Dr. Justin Dean's Website:

Instagram: @drjustindean