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Restoring Human Movement

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May 29, 2019

I thought now would be a great time to finally interview one of my old interns, Dr. Jermey Dinkin DC.

Now practicing in New Jersey, Jermey is one of my "go to" suggestions when people ask for help on the northern east coast.

Jermey graduated SCUHS chiropractic college in Fall 2018. While attended internship at my clinic, he became a (dare I say it) master of management of lumbar discs, hip FAI and easy integration into loading. I dig his style.

I know it's hard to say "mastery" with a new grad but he's really damn good at it... better than some older chiropractors even!

Thanks for being a great friend. The experience of internship paved the way for many interns to come from my office. Before you, I had no plans of eduction of new docs. Thanks for allowing me to learn with you on your journey.


Video of Jermey learning to do a video... Fun Stuff :)