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Restoring Human Movement

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I'm Dr. Sebastian Gonzales, the treating doctor at Performance Place®.

In this podcast, you will get to hear broken down information about conditions we treat, which also could be conditions you or one of your friends have.

My goal with this podcast is to form a common language between sports medicine professionals and patients/ athletes.

Listen to experts, learn anatomy and sports injury theory in my show.

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Mar 29, 2017


Roy is a good friend and colleague of mine who I have had on the show before, way back before I really committed keeping the show going.


Roy has an extremely logical way of thinking of training for function, not just aesthetics.


In this session, Roy shares what’s built within a fitness program/ workout...

Mar 22, 2017


If you have spoken with me personally about clinical topics over the last 4 years you would know I love Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK or MSUS). In fact, I bought one for my clinic and unlike many doctors who would buy it to have someone else take the images, I actually learned how to do it.


Because it...

Mar 15, 2017


Crystal is a good friend of mine and has gone through an epic physical transformation over the last year. See how she did it while having a back injury and past ACL repair. She will be giving some tips and suggestions for your success. Contact her at Visit our site for references...

Mar 8, 2017


I have a variety of different types of injuries coming through my office every week. This one was interesting on a few fronts. Sciatica into both legs (over the past few years), fear avoidance and learn why an MRI could be needed to rule out other conditions. In reality if this sounds like what you or a...

Mar 1, 2017


I have known Billy for the last 3-4 years as a patient but now after his care with me completed I see him as a friend. When he came to me we were treated conditions he sustained from running. If you could see his running mechanics you would understand why he changed to only cycling. I don’t say this to bash...