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Restoring Human Movement

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Nov 1, 2017


Numbness and tingling of the hand, arm, and forearm is an extremely common “injury” for both athletes and non-athletes. I figured we needed to do a podcast session on the upper extremity exclusively and Dr. Fontaine was my go-to-guy.

The causes of numbness to the hand range from a pinched nerve in the neck, to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, to a peripheral neuropathy and much more… each condition is treated slightly different… it all starts with proper diagnosis. 

Dr. Matt Fontaine walks us through some reasons for paresthesia or loss of sensation into the upper extremity and some common questions. Some topics we cover are:


  • Double Crush Syndrome


Dr. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and successful in treatment of conditions creating loss of sensation. If you live around the Northern Virginia area, here’s his contact info!



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